Account Verification An online request made to establish the validity of a bank or credit card account.
Associated Plan Any additional benefit plans associated with the primary person.
Associated Individual Anyone affiliated with the plan such as the plan's payer and owner.
Cardholder Name Credit Card holder's name as it appears on the card.
Confirmation Number A reference number used for tracking payments.
Covered Person An individual that is covered under the benefit plan.
Payment Amount The amount of payment including any upgrade/increase in coverage.
Payment Method The method of payment used which can be Credit Card, Debt Card, or Checking Account.
Payment Mode The frequency of billing and payment for an account (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually).
Pending Payments A payment submitted but not yet posted to an account.
Plan Number A unique identifier that points to a specific benefit plan for a specific primary person and associated individuals.
Policy Number Same as plan number (see above).
Primary Person An individual in whose name the benefit plan is written.
Routing Number A numerical value that uniquely identifies a bank. The number is located on your check and is always nine digits long.
Security Code Provides additional level of online fraud protection. The number is located on your credit card and is generally three to four digits long.